The new era of communication is here.

Roxtone LTE radios free their users from range and frequency restrictions. All Roxtone-products are designed for hard use and they are perfect companion for internal communication. Roxtone LTE system is specifically suitable for industries where analog UHF and VHF radios can't be used.

Roxtone LTE radios operate in different platform than analog UHF and VHF radios. LTE radios send and receive speech in data format, so all users in same channel can communicate with each other even between different countries, from moving vehicles and other places which can’t be reached with analog signal. Only requirement for LTE radio operation is 3G/4G or Wi-Fi signal.

Devices can send and receive PTT (Push-To-Talk) calls to all users on channel or private calls. Unlike analog radios, there are no limits for the number of users and channels in LTE platform. Users can also be priorized – priority group 1 users can talk over priority group 2 etc.

Orange-coloured SOS button located on top of the device can send emergency signal and location data to the dispatcher and other people on channel. Roxtone PTT program can also be accessed via Windows computers. All changes to channels and users can be done remotely, so there will be no need to ship the devices back to us to make any changes.

SIM cards and data plans come pre-installed with the radios and are included in the monthly lease of the devices. The data plan is valid only in European countries.


2W speaker

is loud and clear even in noisy environments and even under water

Headphone jack

for headphones and equipment

Detachable 4600mAh battery

lasts up to 2 days without charging (in normal use)

Bluetooth ready

for example PTT button, headset or other devices

Supported protocols

4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi







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